Book-length translations

Madness, Language, Literature, Michel Foucault, University of Chicago Press, 2023

The Enigma of Room 622, Joël Dicker, Harper Via, September 2022

On the Rural, Henri Lefebvre, University of Minnesota Press, spring 2022

From Montaigne to Montaigne, Claude Lévi-Strauss, University of Minnesota Press, Nov. 2019

Expectation, Jean-Luc Nancy, Fordham University Press, 2017

Autopsy of a Father, Pascale Kramer, Bellevue Literary Press, June 2017

Marxist Thought and the City, Henri Lefebvre, University of Minnesota Press, fall 2016

Language, Madness and Desire, Michel Foucault, University of Minnesota Press, Spring 2015

A Roll of the Dice, Stéphane Mallarmé, Wave Books, Spring 2015

Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment, Henri Lefebvre, University of Minnesota Press, Spring 2014

Ghost Image, Hervé Guibert, University of Chicago Press (reprint), 2014

Considerations on the Death of a Dog, Jean Grenier, Turtle Point Press, Fall 2013

Speech Begins after Death, Michel Foucault and Claude Bonnefoy, University of Minnesota Press, 2013

Cosmopolitics, Isabelle Stengers, 2 vol., University of Minnesota Press, 2010, 2011

Psychoanalysis and the Challenge of Islam, Fethi Benslama, University of Minnesota Press, 2009

Rumi: The Fire of Love, Nahal Tajadod, Overlook Press, Fall 2008

Decolonization and the Decolonized, Albert Memmi, University of Minnesota Press, Fall 2006

Guy Debord: Revolution in the Service of Poetry, Vincent Kaufmann, University of Minnesota Press, June 2006

My Body and I, René Crevel, Archipelago Books, Spring 2005

International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis, (co-translator) ed. A. de Mijolla, Thomson/Macmillan, , 2005

Swan’s Way, Henri Raczymow, Northwestern University Press, Spring 2003

The Urban Revolution, Henri Lefebvre, University of Minnesota Press, Spring 2003

The Singular Objects of Architecture, Jean Baudrillard and Jean Nouvel, University of Minnesota Press, Fall 2002

Kubrick, Michel Ciment, (co-translator) Faber and Faber , Fall 2001

Cyberculture, Pierre Lévy, University of Minnesota Press , Fall 2001

French New Wave, Jean Douchet, D.A.P., Fall 1999

Becoming Virtual: Reality in the Digital Age, Pierre Lévy, Plenum Press, Spring 1998

Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace, Pierre Lévy, Plenum Press, Fall 1997

Ghost Image, Hervé Guibert, Sun and Moon Press, 1996, 1998

Incident at Sakhalin: The True Mission of KAL 007, Michel Brun, Four Walls Eight Windows, 1996

A Traitor’s Daughter, Anna Lorme, Holmes & Meier, Summer 1993

Braque, The Complete Graphics, Dora Vallier, Alpine Fine Arts, New York, 1982

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