Information Technology (software)

book-length report Information Technology and the Information Society in France (INSEE)
brochure Multimedia in Education at the Apprentice Training Center
brochure Mediapps brochure on portal technology
brochure Apprentice Training Center for Sales and Marketing (IBM)
manual ISDMP manual for use of customer management software
manual DEC QA manual
patent Request for expedited examination
patent EPO patent examiner’s report re patent on pattern recognition in video images
press release Artist! Learn to Draw: Learn a wide variety of drawing techniques with an interactive drawing class
press release Artist! Learn to Draw
report Migration of Windows 2000 branch office architecture (case study)
report EDI market overview
report AXA insurance software programs
technical report Technical Architecture of DSS
technical report Materials Reource Planning and supplay chain (software comparisons)
technical report Henkel Ecolab sales management software
technical report Content Management and Web Publishing (software comparisons)
technical report Comparison of Business Objects and Impromptu
trade magazine EDI overview
user documentation Winframe 1.7 Installation Procedure
user documentation User manual: TV card
user documentation SAP Time and Activity management
user documentation SAP Task Files (CO, MM, FI modules)
user documentation SAP Task Files
user documentation SAP Recipe Scenario
user documentation SAP interface mapping
user documentation SAP integration procedures (various documents)
user documentation SAP integration
user documentation SAP development team: organization and procedures
user documentation SAP Data Codification Bible
user documentation SAP (various modules: CO, MM, FI, PRC)
user documentation Photo Server software (for journalists)
user documentation Influe user documentation for EDI software system
user documentation EDI deployment program
user documentation CEX operating constraints: science and technology
user manual SiBanque User Manual (banking industry)
user manual FirstClass Client user manual
user manual First Class Client software
user manual EDI User Guide
user manual EDI operating manual and user guide
user manual BULL custom fax software program
Web site Net.Portal by Mediapps
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