Bid documents

automotive engineering: cruise control Radar-assisted Adaptive Cruise Control modeling software
baggage scanners Supply and installation of baggage scanners and walk-through metal detectors
baggage scanners Specifications for baggage scanners
civil engineering Supply and installation of baggage scanners and walk-through metal detectors
civil engineering Specifications for paint systems
civil engineering Purchase of heavy equipment for quarries
civil engineering, electrical engineering RFP for tunnel construction
HVAC engineering Ventilation / air conditioning
electrical engineering AC Generator: builder’s description
industrial engineering Specifications for baggage scanners
industrial engineering Specific instrumentation specifications for suppliers of package assemblies
industrial engineering Incineration plant inspection services
mining Structural steel for buildings
nuclear engineering Open tender offer no. [601] 2008: for the purchase, installation, and commissioning of a mobile x-ray scanner
nuclear engineering negotiated contract for the purchase of a “z -backscatter” x-ray scanning truck
nuclear engineering Automatic explosive detectors
petroleum engineering Katinniq core shack and drill storage
power engineering Technical specification for a combustion turbine system (EDF)
power engineering Requisition for the combustion turbine set and associated auxiliary equipment (EDF)
power engineering Regulations and Standards applicable to power plant construction in France
railway engineering Multimodal platform for Le Havre
railway engineering Multimodal platform for Le Havre
telecommunications: satellite: earth stations Instructions to Bidders for Multiband Stations
civil engineering Specifications for pumping stations for sewer water
civil engineering Specifications for sewers
civil engineering Design and construction of roadways
civil engineering Intelligent transport systems
civil engineering Structural design specifications
civil engineering Design-build reference contract
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