bid document Instructions to Bidders for Multiband Stations
bid document Transpac data transmission network description
brochure Ascom Confident MT 550 (telephone)
brochure France Telecom Helps PCs Communicate
brochure Minitel on the Internet
business proposal Transpac proposal
financial report France Telecom merger
magazine article Two articles on MMDS
newsletter France Telecom newsletter
newsletter International Leased Line services
newsletter Report on ISDN services
newsletter Telecom 1 – Telecom 2 Newsletter
newsletter VSAT report, etc.
proposal Alcatel Technical Assistance proposal
proposal Proposal for an Offer of Standard: Interactive VSAT Service
proposal RFP by French military for multiband satellite ground stations
report Business meeting reports
report Installation of an international network over high-speed digital lines
report Introduction of Caller ID Service To the France Telecom Network
report New Telephone Services
report Revenue forecast for telephone traffic
sales brochure Omnicom brochure (voice services)
sales proposal Telecommunications rate proposal
sales report Detailed description of Candidate’s holdings
technical report Alcatel Mozambique Reserve Survey
technical report Comparison of contributions to universal service in France and Morocco
technical report Introduction of Caller ID Service
technical report Motorola product information: frame relay
technical report Several reports on fiber optic networking, WDM, and very-high bandwidth services
technical report Troubleshooting reports on solar panels for satellites
user manual Confident 61 and 62 user manual (telephone)
user manual Confident user manual (telephone)
user manual Tenor multifunction phone (telephone)
white paper Euronews study (D2/Mac decoders)
white paper Voice under frame relay
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